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Nordic Walking and Hiking in Hungary

We offer training, tours and service for tourists in the Western region of Hungary   -   tailor-made and flexible with a consistently high quality level.]

Training — Nordic Walking and Hiking-Know How

Nordic Walking has grown within the last years to an acknowledged healthy exercise concept. It offers you many benefits if you walk with a correct technique.

  • Alleviation of painful muscle tension
  • Improvement or complete correction of a bad posture
  • Effective sports activity at concurrent protection of the joints
  • High energy consumption, thus fat burning is perfectly boosted

With our trainers, all educated and certificated by NWU Germany you can learn the correct technique or let your gait be checked in order to improve your walking style.

1. Trial lesson

You have already heard about this sport, but you are not sure, whether you would like to practise it in future? Just try it! In 90 minutes we show you the basic technique. Of course you will get the poles for this lesson borrowed from us.

2. Basic course

In this course we will develop with you step by step an effectiv walking gait. In each of the 6 course units (à 90 minutes) we will focus on another module: Long Arm - Open/Close Hands - Upright Body - Counter Swinging of Upper Body - Long Steps - Active Feet Work

3. Gait Analysis

You practise Nordic Walking for quite some time and would like to know, what you can improve? In 2x90 minutes we refresh together your basic knowledge, capture your gaint on film + pictures and review these shootings together with you. Our recommendations you will get of course also in written format for continuing your exercises at home.

... and for advanced Nordic Walkers: Walking Club

Regularly we meet for practising Nordic Walking together - in a nice group amidst impressive scenery. An experienced trainer gives you - beyond the training courses - hints to improve your technique.

Hiking and Trekking is double fun with some elementary know-how of orientation:

  • Which information do I get from a map?
  • How do I use a compass?
  • And how does one of this modern GPS devices work?
In our courses we provide you with the answers to these questions - in an entertaining manner of course. For after all it is your holiday!

Orientation I

Together we pursue the question how to plan a tour in an optimal way. This includes: time planning, map information, where am I exactly?. The sporty side will not be missed out, as after all this theory we will test together outdoors our planned tour.

Orientation II

This is orientation on an advanced stage: How can I determine exactly my current position by map and compass? Furtheron we navigate outdoors in a tricky area with GPS devices (which we will provide you with for the duration of this course).


Some kind of electronic treasure hunting or paper chase. Known are only the coordinates, you search with GPS device and by map. We explain the rules of this entertainment (search and hide yourself geocaches), provide you with GPS devices (on loan) and search together with you for a cache in our region.
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