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Nordic Walking and Hiking in Hungary

We offer training, tours and service for tourists in the Western region of Hungary   -   tailor-made and flexible with a consistently high quality level.]


Nordic Walking Training

Course Fee per Course Content
Trial Lesson 15 Euro 1x90 min, poles on loan included
Basic Course 75 Euro 6x90 min, poles on loan included
Gait Analysis 85 Euro 2x90 min, analysis by video and pictures
Walking Club 2 Euro 90 min (poles on loan: 2 Euro)

Orientation Courses

Course Fee per Course Content
Orientation I 30 Euro Tour planning, How to read a map?, Determine exact position; about 3 hours
Orientation II 40 Euro Navigation by maps, compass and GPS devices (devices on loan included); about 4 hours
Geocaching 40 Euro What is Geocaching? Rules: Search and hide caches; a Geocache tour together (GPS devices on loan incl.); about 4 hours


Our service Price Details
Tour Proposal 5 Euro Individual hiking map (laminated), Recommendations regarding POIs (print-out)
GPS data 5 Euro On your convenience, uploaded to your device (or a device on loan)

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