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Nordic Walking and Hiking in Hungary

We offer training, tours and service for tourists in the Western region of Hungary   -   tailor-made and flexible with a consistently high quality level.]

We coordinate our activities for West Hungary from two bases - one in the north and one in the south:

Base Sopron

Region north from the Balaton - from Sopron to Keszthely, from Szentgotthárd to Székesfehérvár

Address: Fácán utca  H-9400 Sopron / Hungary
Base operator: Zsuzsanna Orbán  Mobile: +36 30 936 41 32

NWU Base and Trainer Education Institute Pécs/Mecsek

Region south from the Balaton - from Kesthely to Harkány, from Nagykanizsa to Szekszárd

Address: Köves Köz 10  H-7635 Pécs / Hungary
Base operator: Urte Kohnke  Phone: +49 4121 277 9520   Mobile: +36 30 748 2515

Questions? Wishes? You can leave us a message right here:

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