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Nordic Walking and Hiking in Hungary

We offer training, tours and service for tourists in the Western region of Hungary   -   tailor-made and flexible with a consistently high quality level.]

Attracting / Trekking in Hungary

Unfortunately not yet known: Hungary is eminently suited for all Nordic Walking and Hiking activities.

We explored the most beautiful landscapes in the western part of Hungary for you. Some examples:

  • Foothills of the Alps and Neusiedler Lake at Sopron in the north
  • Mountain range north of the Balaton
  • Mecsek mountains at Pécs (European Capital of Culture 2010)

We have all necessary equipment and a lot of useful information in store for you. Would you like to hike together with like-minded people? We are prepared to arrange adequate touring companies.

Or in case that you would like to spent your holiday with learning something new, have a look into our training catalogue. We offer courses for many interesting topics.

If you are interested in such activities in Hungary, just contact us.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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